We are pleased that you are interested in making a contribution to the Creative-at-home project. Before submitting your material, please take note of the following terms of use. When submitting your material, please confirm that you have read and understood and that you agree to these terms of use.

1. Requirements for submitting content

Our service is aimed at creative people who want to share their knowledge, skills and experience in the field of visualization with our community and in this way contribute to the Creative-at-home platform.
Please use either German or English language when creating your contribution. Contents in other languages can unfortunately not be published.
Using the services of creative-at-home.com is free of charge.

2. No unlawful contents

You may not upload content to our platform that violates these terms of use or the law.
In particular, the content you post may not contain any intellectual property of third parties (e.g. works protected by copyright), unless you have been authorized to use and distribute it by the holder of this right. If you have received such permission, please send us an email to creative-at-home@neuland.com.

By using our service, you assure that you are entitled to all rights necessary for the publication of the material you have submitted. You are either the owner of these rights or otherwise authorized to make use of the rights. You also assure that the rights of third parties are not infringed by the use. This applies in particular to portraits of persons, which are protected by the “right to one’s own image” and the data protection law. You may only transmit images of people who have expressly agreed to this use.
For the material submitted, Neuland GmbH & Co. KG does not assume any liability for the posted material beyond the legal regulations. We expressly point out that you as the submitter are legally responsible for the posted content.

3. Decision on the publication of the material

Neuland GmbH & Co. KG is not obliged to publish the contents you have submitted. Before publishing the material you have sent in, we will check whether it is suitable to be publicly displayed as a contribution on our platform. The decision to publish your material lies solely with us as the operator of the platform.
The decision not to publish your material does not require a notification to the person(s) posting it, nor does it require a reason to be given.
We do not tolerate content that glorifies violence, pornography, racism or other punishable content and will not publish it on our platform.

4. Editing right

We reserve the right to edit your material extensively before publication. This editing right includes in particular the creation of a layout for a text you submit (for example, the insertion of headings and paragraphs or the correction of spelling mistakes).

5. Rights of use

Copyrights and other industrial property rights, which you are entitled to in the posted material, remain with you.
However, publication of your material on our platform requires that you grant us rights of use to your content.
By accepting these terms of use, you grant Neuland GmbH & Co. KG a free simple (non-exclusive) right of use with regard to the uploaded material. This includes the right to use the posted material in all types of use, in any technical form and to make it publicly available. There is no limitation of the right of use in terms of content or time.
Neuland GmbH & Co. KG is entitled to transfer the rights granted to it to third parties or to grant rights of use to third parties.
An access to the content of the advertiser by indicating his/her name or pseudonym (if desired) and the source creative-at-home.com is made within the Neuland distribution network:

in particular

  • on the uncharted social media channels (for example, Facebook and Instagram),
  • in mailing campaigns,
  • in the Neuland magazine, which is published in print form as well as a PDF file of Neuland in Switzerland.

The Neuland sales network includes

Germany www.neuland.com
Austria www.neuland.at
Switzerland www.neuland.ch

Australia https://graphicgear.com.au/
Denmark https://futurefactor.dk/
Hungary https://wwieland.hu/
Poland https://experiencecorner.com/
Russia https://gotraining.ru/ and https://www.ftools.ru/
Singapore https://alllinedup.biz/
Soth Africa https://drawnin.co/
South Korea https://creativemaker.kr/
Spain https://www.ftcvisual.es/
Ukraine http://wowtrening.com/
UK https://pinpoint-facilitation.com/

6. Use of third-party products

Creative-at-home.com is a website of Neuland GmbH & Co. KG. Therefore, no contributions are published on which products of other companies are shown, as long as they are part of the core-product range of Neuland GmbH & Co. KG in a competitive relationship with the core product range of Neuland GmbH & Co. This also prevents possible legal disputes with the companies concerned.
The core range of Neuland GmbH & Co. KG includes in particular markers, flipcharts, pinboards and moderation cases.

7. Personal data

The name that the submitter states when submitting his/her material will be displayed publicly on creative-at-home.com below the published contribution. If the submitted material is made accessible in another way, for example by illustration in a print magazine, the name can also be given there. There shall be no other use of the given name, especially no passing on to third parties without the consent of the submitter.
The e-mail address of the submitter will not be published. It will only be used to establish contact and to clarify any queries by the platform operator.
The provision of further personal information is voluntary. This additional information can be included in the contribution of the submitter.