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Draw Sacred Geometry

Soothe your soul by drawing sacred geometry: The Flower of Life Continue Reading

Foam board figures come to life

White foam boards, a Neuland No.One® Estatics and a fretsaw. This is all you need to breath life into the figures you draw.

Continue Reading

Back to the roots

Remember when we were kids and it was so easy to busy ourselves for hours with simple games? It’s time for a revival! Continue Reading

Egg-citing Easter

What’s Easter without an egg hunt? We show you how we paint our eggs. Continue Reading

Using my magic wands * Drawing to learn * [yoga]

Being at home due to coronavirus, I decided to start paying closer attention to yoga inspired by a publication on Continue Reading

Just One – just creative and visually

Do you know the Germans’ game of the year 2019? It’s called “Just One” and it’s a great game to play with family or friends and spend some time together. We’ve created a slightly different version of this game: Continue Reading

Changeable-panel door knob hanger

Create a fun door knob hanger and a set of panels with different messages for your own use or send it as a gift to family members or friends. Continue Reading

Create a pocket-sized notebook with Pin-It Cards

Let’s create a pocket-sized notebook to jot down ideas, highlights of the week, the weekly gratitude list or even to give it to the kids and help them to keep track of activities and how many stars they’ve earned by accomplishing them! Continue Reading

DIY face mask

You have a sewing machine, some fabric and would like to sew your own face mask? We’ll show you how it’s done.

Continue Reading

Online Class “Communicate with visuals – your new super power!” – 50% off

Creative visualization techniques for beginners – yes, you can do this! No artistic skills needed. 🙂 Continue Reading

Rainbow scavenger hunt

True to the motto #stayathomebutgetfreshair I’ve discovered this cool idea in our neighborhood. My daughter and I were going for a walk (in Germany we are still allowed to be active outside) and when we were walking past a playground we saw a little sign attached to the fence. It said: “How many rainbows can you find?” Continue Reading

Apply an Ombre Effect to Your Letters

Ever wonder how to make letters colorful and pop off the page?
Here you can learn what lettering styles look good and how to add graduation (aka Ombre) to them using brush nib markers. Continue Reading

Design tips for a neat Bullet Journal

We all know them: the beautiful Bullet Journals on Pinterest that already make us give up before we actually started. But there’s no need to be discouraged! We’ll show you easy tricks to create a journal that’s nothing to sneeze at – without great effort. Continue Reading

Draw double lines with your Neuland marker

How to draw 2 lines with only one stroke using a Neuland marker and a cutter.

Continue Reading

Layer magic with Estatics: Opaque layers

Estatics stick to smooth surfaces, so they also stick to other Estatics. With scissors, Estatic markers or AcrylicOnes and some imagination you can achieve magical effects. Continue Reading

VR with Estatics: DIY instructions

Create Virtual Reality in a breath with white Neuland Estatics, scissors, a Neuland No.One® Estatic and two Art markers in different colors. How? We’ll show you … Continue Reading

Playing with the SketchOne

Do you also feel like you wanna try something else sometimes? Everything you need for this is a blank postcard, as many SketchOne as you wish and tape. Continue Reading

How to spread joy with visual meditation

This little article shows you how you can relax by working with your markers and at the same time creating little greeting cards to let others know you are thinking of them. All you need is a blank postcard, a Neuland SketchOne and an Art marker in light grey. Continue Reading

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